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Reshoring & FDI Resources

Thinking of bringing your manufacturing operation to the U.S., but not sure where to start?

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SelectUSA Investment Summit
June 23-26, 2024

Please find below a list of leaders from BLS & Co. who will attend the 2024 SelectUSA Investment Summit. We look forward to connecting to discuss how BLS & Co. can best support your business needs.

Andrew Shapiro

Managing Director

Tracey Hyatt Bosman, CEcD

Managing Director

Michelle Comerford

Project Director / Industrial & Supply Chain Practice Leader

Stephanie M. Mercado, Esq.

Project Director

The United States has become a more competitive destination for foreign and domestic companies to invest in manufacturing operations due in part to:

  • Rising labor costs in many developing countries combined with slower wage growth in the U.S.
  • Increasing costs to ship products to North America
  • Increasing importance of speed-to-market for consumer products
  • Growing demand for products “Made in the USA”
  • A heightened focus on risk minimization, including supply chain risk and intellectual property protection

While these and other trends are driving new U.S. market investment, companies that are unfamiliar with the social, economic, geographic, regulatory and political complexities involved with choosing the optimal U.S. location can find themselves very quickly overwhelmed.

Biggins Lacy Shapiro & Co. (BLS & Co.) is devoted to bringing clarity to the business location decision-making process.  Our team of experienced professionals can help you identify, evaluate and select the optimal location for your operation and secure useful and meaningful state and local tax credits and other business incentives.  

Free Webinar

How to Select the Best Location for Serving the US Market

Given the tariffs uncertainty and changing global market dynamics, many companies are grappling with the question of where they should manufacture products in order to best serve the US market. This webinar will walk through all of the factors to be considered, as well as introduce you to the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model, a free tool to help evaluate business costs in the U.S. compared to other countries. In addition, the webinar will discuss what site selection factors to consider when evaluating North American locations for your investment.

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Reshoring Resources: A Guide

Global economics, consumer demand, innovation and technology are impacting location strategies for all kinds of manufacturing industries.

But, it is a complex proposition.  How should a company compare costs of operating in the U.S. versus overseas? What factors are important to consider?  How should non-cash factors such as risks and opportunity costs, be accounted for?

BLS & Co. has partnered with the Reshoring Initiative to help provide a full scope of services around guiding companies through the processes of reshoring or locating in the U.S. for the first time. Our step by step guide below will help guide you through a decision making process.

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Articles & Resources

Looking for resources to decide whether a U.S. manufacturing plant location is right for your business?  Thinking about bringing operations to the U.S., but not sure where to start?

Whether to reshore or nearshore an operation to the U.S. maintains a complex proposition. As experts in the field of site selection throughout North America, BLS & Co. principals have authored numerous resource materials and articles relating to trends in foreign direct investment, reshoring and site selection in the U.S.

Our Recent reshoring articles

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IRA Tax Credits: The Detailed List

Explore the detailed list of tax credits and other incentives that are a part of the IRA.

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Manufacturing’s Made-in-America boom

BLS & Co. Managing Director Andy Shapiro was featured in LinkedIn News for his insight on how companies are reshoring from China to the United States.

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The Reshoring Revolution - Is This the Future of America?

BLS & Co.'s Michelle Comerford talks reshoring on this episode of Feudal Future podcast.

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