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We help notable companies identify the best locations and secure incentives.

Discover Key Incentives in the U.S. & Canada

Use our filterable search tool for an up-to-date look at U.S. and Canada economic development incentives. This tool provides a detailed summary of the primary and most valuable state and local economic development incentives offered to help companies evaluate whether incentives can play a meaningful role in their real estate decision-making process.

Need immediate assistance with A location decision?

As specific opportunities arise, including relocations, expansions, and consolidations, BLS & Co. recommends a more detailed project specific evaluation of the potential value incentives may add. Schedule an initial consultation with us today.

The Latest from BLS & Co.

BLS & Co. Managing Director Andy Shapiro was featured in LinkedIn News for his insight on how companies are reshoring from China to the United States.

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Why does location matter for diversity and inclusion goals?

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In this thought leadership piece for Corporate Real Estate Journal, BLS & Co.'s Jay Biggins and Eli Lilly's Stephen L. Van Soelen J.D. explain how companies can create a winning site selection process.

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