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Energy Services

BLS & Co. offers a broad spectrum of energy procurement and assessment services that can be integrated into any phase of a corporate relocation or expansion project.

As companies scrutinize their energy use, the conversation often focuses on the cost of power, without considering other significant energy variables that could create unforeseen costs and risks, such as: 

  • Reliability: Can the system maintain the needed uptime?  This is particularly important to data centers and other mission-critical activities.
  • Capacity: Does the utility presently have the ability to supply the amount of energy required?  If not, will there be time to plan and build out the necessary infrastructure?
  • Costs:  Beyond the standard metric - average cost per kilowatt hour – are a host of other expenses.  How much will it cost to install the infrastructure needed to get power to a site?  What will be required to provide duplicate service?  What would be the expense to ensure adequate reserved capacity (for unusual load profiles or expansion requirements)?

Through our Sugarloaf Associates™ energy services affiliate, BLS & Co. offers a broad spectrum of energy procurement and assessment services that can be integrated into any phase of a corporate relocation or expansion project.  Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in the utility industry, giving us a deep understanding of utility issues, methods, technologies, infrastructure and costs.

The Holistic Approach to Energy Procurement and Supply

Tim Comerford, Senior Vice President at Biggins Lacy Shapiro & Co., discusses our firm's Energy Services.

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Mission Critical Facilities

The last decade has witnessed the exponential growth and evolution of large data centers, server farms, disaster recovery centers, network operations centers and trading floors.  This expansion is being driven by the demand for digital products and services from the financial, technology and consumer industries.  To assist companies and users of data centers, BLS & Co. has acquired specialized capabilities in the design, site selection and utility installation for mission critical operations of all types.  We manage complex location requirements and public sector variables that can impact project feasibility, timing and cost.

To address the needs of data center suppliers and providers, our Qualified Data Center Site Certification program identifies and analyzes sites and facilities offering a unique combination of factors desired by mission critical and data center operations, including: highly reliable, redundant power and fiber infrastructures, competitive costs, and locations insulated from manmade and natural risks.

Case study

American Electric Power

BLS & Co. identified and qualified nine "Data Center Qualified Sites" for American Electric Power (NYSE: AEP), one of the nation's largest utilities.

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Energy Procurement

Long term, the forecast is for upward pressure on energy prices.  This will be driven by an increase in domestic demand for natural gas due to coal plant retirements and by increased natural gas exports to Asia and Europe. What can companies do?  To limit future exposure to price spikes, BLS & Co. recommends that customers in deregulated states give serious consideration to longer term energy supply agreements, such as:

  • Fixed Price Agreements: These provide customers with price and budget certainty.  Usage becomes the only variable that is monitored and managed.
  • “Block and Index” Structures: A customer can fix all or a portion of the price of energy.  Pricing can be locked in blocks or percentage levels. This entails more management and oversight, but allows a company to dollar-cost-average the price, as an investor would do with a stock purchase.

BLS & Co.’s team has many years of experience securing energy prices on the commodity markets, and our team frequently structures energy services agreements for clients.


Navigating Renewable Energy Strategies in Location Selection

BLS & Co. Senior VP Tim Comerford, Project Manager Tracey Hyatt Bosman, Tractus partner Michael Hirou and Location Decisions partner Andreas Dressler discuss the increasing importance for businesses to align location strategies with renewable energy goals, outlining various renewable energy options, challenges and incentives, with a focus on the U.S. market.

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Additional Services

In addition to our energy procurement and mission critical facilities practices, BLS & Co. provides a number of other energy-related services including:

  • Utility Location and Infrastructure Assessment: In conjunction with our Site Selection services, we review and analyze the potential of existing buildings and properties, identifying variables that may potentially impact project success.
  • Energy Optimization: BLS & Co. will review and analyze energy conservation options, oversee installation and monitor post-installation activities.
  • Solar and Renewables: We provide comprehensive solar and other renewable energy installation services, including feasibility studies, issuing and reviewing bids, regulatory and utility review, installation completion and monitoring.

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