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Case study

Hercules Inc.

Project Overview

BLS & Co. crafted land use and community engagement strategies to assist Hercules with the disposition of 2,100 acres of brownfields in New Jersey. The engagement involved strategies to reposition and/or redevelop four sites on a portfolio basis, quickly enabling sale of the most market-ready property to generate the resources needed to pursue the redevelopment potential of the longer-lead sites.   


BLS & Co.'s efforts focused on an affirmative, inclusive community/intervenor strategy to define the benefits associated with redevelopment, including demonstrating the fiscal and economic impacts of a market-based approach to re-use of the sites.  BLS & Co. also managed an RFP process to identify and select the most qualified bidders for the sites, then managed the transaction that resulted in the sale of a 100-acre property in Burlington, New Jersey which has since been redeveloped with over 1 million square feet of modern warehouse space.

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