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BLS & Co. periodically revises the state incentive pages to ensure our firm is providing the most current information on legislative and regulatory developments affecting available programs. Updates will be posted in the near future. In the interim, please call BLS & Co. with any questions at 609.924.9775 or reach out via email at

BLS & Co. periodically revises the state and province incentive pages to ensure our firm provides the most current information on legislative and regulatory developments affecting available programs. Please contact the BLS & Co. team at 609.924.9775 or email for more information on the Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut.


Canada-Manitoba Job Grant: The Canada-Manitoba Job Grant provides funding to employers to help cover training costs of new and existing employees to meet business needs, and help Manitobans gain the skills they need to fill available jobs. Employers can apply for up to 75% of the direct training costs up to $10,000 per new or existing employee. Manitoba’s contribution will not exceed $100,000 per Job Grant.

Industry Expansion: The program assists companies by contributing to their investment in skills training for employees. Support under this program is custom-prepared on a client-by-client basis. The amount of funding assistance provided is based on the creation and maintenance of quality jobs and the economic benefit to Manitoba resulting from these new employment opportunities.


Manitoba Green Energy Equipment Tax Credit: Geothermal heating equipment is eligible for a maximum 15% credit and solar thermal heating equipment is eligible for a 10% credit. Biomass fuel energy equipment, installed in Manitoba and used in a business, has become eligible for a 15% credit.

Manitoba Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit: The Manitoba Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit (MIDMTC) is a refundable corporate income tax credit which provides up to a 40% credit on qualified labor expenditures, and some marketing and distribution expenses, incurred in the development of eligible interactive digital media products for market.

Manitoba Manufacturing Investment Tax Credit: Partially refundable investment tax credit equivalent to 9% of eligible property   that can be used against the provincial corporate income tax. The non-refundable part of the credit is 2% of the cost of qualified property, and the refundable part is 8%. Unused refundable credits have a 10-year carry-forward available and a three-year carry-back.

Manitoba Research and Development Tax Credit: Tax credit available to qualifying companies for up to 50% of eligible research and development activities through federal (35%) and provincial (best in Canada of up to 15%) incentives. R&D performed under an eligible contract with a qualifying institution is fully refundable, while research and development not completed under an eligible contract with an institution is 50% refundable and 50% non-refundable. Non-refundable credits have a three-year carry-back and 20-year carry forward.

Small Business Venture Capital Tax Credit (SBVCTC): Eligible small business corporations can issue eligible shares for new equity investments of $100,000 up to a maximum of $10 Million. Eligible investors who purchase eligible shares are able to earn a 45% non-refundable tax credit against Manitoba taxes payable.


Canadian Agricultural Partnership - Ag Action Manitoba: Five-year program with $176 million in available funds for farmers, agro-processors, industry organizations, researchers and industry service providers. Programs focus on six priority areas: markets and trade; science, research and innovation; risk management; environmental sustainability and climate change; value-added agriculture and agrifood and processing; and public trust.

Last Updated: July 2023

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