Economic development incentives

Prince Edward Island


Tax Credits

Incentives & Exemptions

Investment Tax Credit:  Non-refundable tax credit of 10% on eligible capital investments made in the province.  An additional 15% credit is available through a pre-approved certificate process for high-productivity applications with a strong export focus.

Marine Technology Tax Rebate:  Tax holidays for up to 10 years are available for projects in the advanced marine technology industry for provincial corporate income taxes as well as for property taxes on industry specific facilities.

Aerospace and Defense Tax Rebate: Program offers a full corporate income tax and property tax rebate until 2024 for aviation, aerospace, and defense businesses locating in PEI. Companies must have 20 or more employees or a payroll over $700,000 to qualify.

Share Purchase Tax Credit: This program promotes investment in certain companies locating in PEI. It provides a 35% personal income tax rebate of the value of an eligible investment in qualified PEI corporations, up to a maximum of $35,000.

Grant and Financing Programs

Special Zoning

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