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Business Ready Community Grant and Loan Program: Cities, towns, counties, and joint powers boards are eligible to receive grants and loans to stimulate economic development at the local level.  The typical maximum award is $3 million. These incentives can be used for public infrastructure projects in which a business is committed to locate or expand in the community as well as workforce training facilities.  Infrastructure’s definition frequently includes facilities occupied by expanding or relocating companies.  Grants and loans can also be made available for projects in which a community wants to build facilities or install infrastructure to prepare for new business development under a specific strategy or plan of action.


Manufacturing Sales Tax Exemption: Fuel for transporters and fuel or power consumed directly in manufacturing or processing is exempt from sales tax. The lease or sale of manufacturing machinery used directly and predominately in the manufacturing process is also exempt from sales/use tax.

Broadband Sales Tax Exemption: A sales tax exemption provided to broadband internet services providers for the purchase of equipment used to provide broadband service to unserved areas. Unserved areas are defined as residential customers at speeds less than 25 megabits per second download and 3 megabits per second upload. A business corridor within a municipality with a population of less than 2,000, 25 megabits per second download, and 3 megabits per second upload, or a population of 2,000 or more, 50 megabits per second download, and five (5) megabits per second upload. It can also be a business corridor in an unincorporated area of a county, 25 megabits per second download and 3 megabits per second upload.

Data Center Sales Tax Exemption: A sales tax exemption is provided to data center users on eligible equipment for projects with $5 million investment in capital infrastructure, and an additional $2 million in data center equipment and software purchases. At $50 million investment in capital infrastructure, HVAC and UPS system purchases are also sales tax exempt.

Coal Gasification and Liquefaction: Sales and Use tax exemption for the sales and purchases of equipment used to construct a new coal gasification or coal liquefaction facility.

Property Tax Exemption: Personal property in transit in interstate commerce, as well as goods manufactured or assembled in Wyoming when the final destination is out of state, is exempt from property tax. Pollution-control equipment is exempt from property tax.


Managed Data Center Cost Reduction Grant: Through the Business Ready Communities Grant and Loan Program, a data center operator can be reimbursed for electrical and broadband cost by the state of Wyoming.  The grant award maximum is $2.25 million, over a three-year period.  Must create a match of at least 125% of the grant amount in payroll and capital expenditure. 50% of the match must be in payroll creation. Payroll must be greater than 150% of the county’s median wage. .


Workforce Development Training Fund: The State provides three major types of training grants, the Business Training Grants, the Pre-Hire Economic Development Grants, and the Internship Grant.  The Business Training Grants provide opportunities for Wyoming’s new or existing businesses to create new jobs or to complete necessary skill upgrades to stay competitive. The State may award a grant of up to $4,000 per trainee or $5,000 per trainee for preferred industries.  The Pre-Hire Economic Development Grants provide pre-employment, industry-specific skills training to develop a work force for businesses or industry when there is a shortage of skilled workers. Under the internship grant up to 520 hours at $25 per hour per internship.


Tax Increment Financing: Wyoming law allows for Tax Increment Financing (TIF). TIF is to be issued in TIF districts which are typically established by a city/town or county. Typically, TIF loans are 20-30 years.

Last Updated: April 2023

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