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Charged up: Expert sees push for electric vehicle charging stations at logistics centers

BLS & Co. Senior Vice President Tim Comerford spoke to ROI-NJ about the infrastructure bill, electric vehicles and how New Jersey can contribute to the growing electric vehicle trend. Read Tim's insights, below.


As more electric vehicle charging stations are dispersed for passenger vehicles across the state, Tim Comerford of Princeton-based Biggins Lacy Shapiro & Co. said, there’s an effort underway at logistics centers along main thoroughfares in New Jersey to add even more charging infrastructure for trucks and delivery vans.

Comerford, a former Public Service Enterprise Group leader who now heads an interdisciplinary practice focused on assisting companies and organizations with renewable installations and other infrastructure, said that’s become necessary as distribution and logistics companies shift to electric vehicles.

“Major distribution and logistics companies are looking to establish fast-charging infrastructure to meet their goals and take advantage of incentives to get fleets turned electric,” he said.

Comerford added that it’s a big challenge to get that infrastructure established at sites that never envisioned hosting entire fleets of electric vehicles.

“With changing a fleet over to electric vehicles, there’s a high volume of demand on infrastructure required, and significant work associated with it as well,” he said. “These warehouse areas just don’t often have the infrastructure support for it.”

Regardless, companies in a wide range of sectors — and organizations spanning the public and private sector — are making the investment.

“Many firms are fast-tracking this,” Comerford said. “It’s going to be a big emphasis in New Jersey infrastructure.”

Timothy R. Comerford

Senior Vice President

Tim Comerford leads a specially-designed interdisciplinary practice focused on assisting companies, developers, municipalities, and real estate advisors with issues that pertain to energy procurement, renewable installation, infrastructure assessments, and utility relocation, with a special focus on mission-critical facilities.

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