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The Power of an ESG Protocol

BLS & Co. Managing Director Tracey Hyatt Bosman spoke to Site Selection Magazine article how site selection can impact supply chain.


Where the Rubber Meets the Road

But, as one Forum attendee asked, where lies the nexus between good public policy and corporate profit? After all, there is a fiduciary responsibility that all members have to address, and few if any of the gathered membership are experts in public policy.

“Good public policy allows business to thrive by selling our products and services globally on a truly competitive basis,” Austin responds. “In doing so, we also provide well-paying jobs.”

The reconfiguration will serve both national and private sector business interests, and this, says Tracey Hyatt Bosman, managing director of Biggins Lacy Shapiro & Company, is where the rubber meets the road for those businesspeople, and clearly for IAMC members. “We saw it in Kansas City,” says Bosman, who sits on IAMC’s Professional Development Committee and served as moderator for the Fall Forum session. (Her background is in international trade.) “To the extent that we aren’t paying attention to where the supply chain is housed — and we remain unaware of the politics that surround those locations — that is the extent to which we put ourselves and our business models at risk.”

Tracey Hyatt Bosman, CEcD

Managing Director

Site Selection Magazine
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